Multiple visits to shrines and Temples

Multiple visits to shrines and Temples

During your trip, you may want to visit several shrines and temples on the same day. Also, the collection of Shuin has become popular, and the number of people visiting various shrines and temples is increasing. Is it possible to go to multiple shrines and temples on the same day, or is it better to revisit the other day? Not only shrines but also temples have different worship services, so this explains what these are like.

About traveling several shrines

Basically, it doesn’t matter to go to multiple shrines on the same day. There are many shrines, but Shinto enshrines many gods as a religious feature. For example, gods with different fields of expertise are enshrined at shrines, such as the god of prosperous business, the god of traffic safety, and the god of marriage. Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to visit multiple shrines on the same day, because each worshiper has different wishes. It is not a problem to visit many shrines for the purpose of collecting Shuin in the same way.

About traveling around shrines and temples

There is no problem if you visit a shrine and a temple on the same day. Since the target of prayer is different between shrines and temples, the benefits will obviously be various. If you are going to visit a shrine and a temple, it is not preferred to pray for the same thing, so please be careful. For preventing you from asking for the same contents, it’s better to check earlier about what kind of god is enshrined in a shrine, and make a request or wish that can respond to that benefit.

Pulling the fortune slip at shrines many times

Many Japanese who visit shrines draw a fortune slip called Omikuji. There are various kinds of fortune slips, and recently, not only Japanese but also English is available. There is basically no limit to the number of times you can draw it, so there are many types, and you will want to try various things. However, it’s not good to try several times in succession, and it’s recommended avoiding it.

Fortune telling means not only telling your current luck but also allowing you to review your daily actions. Therefore, even if you draw a lousy one, it is good to act according to the contents written in the slip. If you want to try it again, wait a month before doing it.

Since the worship target is different between shrines and temples, so there is no problem if you visit multiple locations on the same day. However, to avoid the same request, it’s recommended that you check the gods of each shrine before visiting. Once you have drawn your fortune slip, it is a good idea to wait some time and try again.

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