best time to visit the shrine

best time to visit the shrine

You go to various places during your trip to Japan. Even in one day, you go to many places, not just one place. Lots of people manage a list of places they want to go to during their trip to maximize their time and energy based on your interests. Still, it is tough to stick to the original plans for most of them because there are so many attractions coming across. If you have a plan on going to a shrine during your stay in Japan, what time would be best? Here it introduces some recommendations regarding the time of day to visit there.

Generally, the morning is the best

Actually, there is no strict rule about what time you should visit a shrine, and it is said that each person went when they wanted to visit. However, it is said that a rough outline has been made as various ideas such as Feng Shui and fortunetelling throughout history. The recommended times of worship in many books and articles are as follows:

  1. early morning
  2. in the morning
  3. Daytime

Early morning is preferred when you visit a shrine. If it is difficult to do so, you don’t need to take it so seriously; still, you can visit there the time when you are available. The reason is that the number of worshipers is relatively small in the early morning, so it is possible to pray more quietly with less distraction.

How about worshiping in the evening or at night

But what if you’re busy from morning to afternoon and can only take time at night? As it’s already explained, there is no precise time to visit the shrine, so if you have a desire to visit, you can visit a shrine. However, there are some things you need to be careful about when you worship in the evening or night, so it shares these here.

Many shrines allow you to come and go freely, even in the evening or at night. Still, you may need to be careful when walking after dawn because the precincts having a vast area may not have sufficient lighting. Japan is a relatively safe place, but since few people are coming and going, especially on the premise, you must be careful not to be in an incident or accident. Therefore, it’s recommended that you avoid worshiping alone and go with multiple people. Alternatively, you can also pray to the shrine from the outside of the site without entering the precincts. If there is no sign of people inside, this method is also used instead of going to the site.

Besides, there is an office building located in the shrine, where you can purchase sacred bills, amulets, and fortune slips called Omikuji during the day. Still, they are closed at night. Therefore, if possible, it’s preferred to visit by dawn at the latest.

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