About clothes when visiting shrines

About clothes when visiting shrines

Is there any rule for clothes when visiting shrines? If you came to Japan as a traveler, you wouldn’t have a proper dress. It’s preferred to wear something formal when you go say hello to God, but if you don’t have suitable clothing, what kind of clothes are supposed to be good?

Actually, it’s not something making you nervous for regular worship. Still, there are several points that you should pay attention to when visiting shrines during summer and winter.

Summer season

First of all, the things to watch out for when visiting in the summer season are sleeveless and sandals. Understandably, you want to wear light clothing as much as possible because it is hot and humid outside, but it’s better to avoid both when visiting God. It is considered to be okay as casual, but exposure to the skin is not preferred. One reason why you should avoid sandals is that you may get injured by the gravel on the approach. There are thousands of pebbles on the way to the main hall, so you have a chance to get hurt. Therefore, it is better to choose shoes covering your feet rather than sandals when you go to a shrine.

Generally, it’s good to expose the upper half with the sleeve length between the elbow and shoulder. Also, while kids’ shorts and short skirts are acceptable, adult men are recommended to wear long trousers and women to wear long dresses.

Winter season

There is no particular problem with skin exposure during the cold winter season, unlike during summer, but there are some points to be aware of when visiting this season. It’s easy, but when you show gratitude to God, it’s a must to remove your hat and gloves. This also applies when going through the torii gate and praying. Some people think that fur coats are not desirable, but in the case of shrines, it’s not the point you have to follow. So it’s not an issue to wear fur coats when you go to pray. However, it is better to refrain when visiting a temple.

Introduced the clothes that you should be careful when visiting the shrine in this article. Currently, shrines are trying to make worship more familiar, both as sightseeing and as a town revitalization. It’s said that you don’t need to consider too much about your clothes if you are a general worshiper. Please follow the minimum etiquette and go to worship.

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