About fortune slip(omikuji)

About fortune slip(omikuji)

Many people draw lots of fortune slips called Omikuji when visiting shrines. So do you know how long this Omikuji is effective? How long will the fortune be valid? It explains what to do after drawing the slip. 

First of all, Omikuji is originated from the fact that in old Japan, people used to draw when they made important decisions about the country and received the judgment of God. In modern times, this has changed to fortune-telling individuals.

Different kinds of Omikuji

There are various types of Omikuji you can try at shrines. Here is the example.

  • Matchmaking Omikuji 
    It describes encounters and relationships. The famous matchmaking Omikuji is a bookmark in which the love song of a famous poet is written.
  • Love Omikuji 
    It’s about love, such as love luck, a constellation of an ideal partner, blood type, zodiac, and age difference.
  • Flower Omikuji
     It is a type of Omikuji that allows you to write your wishes. It’s a good idea to write your dreams and bring them in the hope of fulfillment.

How long will the shrine’s fortune be useful?

Have you ever wondered how long the effect will last when you draw a fortune slip? If you try Omikuji at the beginning of a year, the results may not be good, and you may wonder if you were unlucky the whole year, or you may think about trying it again.

 It’s believed that Omikuji is generally valid until the next omikuji is drawn. Omikuji is an oracle from God about your fortune at the time when you draw, so it’s like a piece of advice. It’s vital that you read the written contents and make your own efforts and act rather than merely worrying about the fortune on the slip.

Can you draw an omikuji in a short span?

Omikuji judges your luck of the year when you draw at the beginning of a new year, wishing for prayer for passing the examination, and hoping for a good relationship, also marriage or romance. It’s said that you can try Omikuji many times a year if you wish to receive more advice from God. Generally, there is no rule with the number of times you receive a fortune. However, just because the results of the omikuji are not good, it’s not good to draw them until succession. As mentioned earlier, Omikuji is an oracle from God. However, if you continue to try because you don’t like the result, it’s the same as saying that you don’t hear the advice from God. Omikuji is advice about your fortune at the time of drawing, so it’s preferable to take the information firmly, act for at least one month, and draw another one.

What you should do after drawing

How do you handle the slip after you draw it? If the fortune of the Omikuji is good luck, most of the people bring it home, or if it is terrible, you tie it to a tree branch at a shrine. Tying a slip to a branch is based on the idea of ​​connecting it to a shrine and God. However, some people believe that this slip is the advice of God, so they just carry it instead of tying.

How long is Omikuji available?

Basically, Omikuji is sold during the time when the office in a shrine is open. Depending on shrines, there are boxes for omikuji and money, and there are also places where you can draw omikuji even at night or vending machines.

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