Thank you for visiting my blog!

I am Kohsuke from Yokohama, Japan, who loves traveling and trying new experiences in different places. I studied architecture in Tokyo and Beijing and basically used the whole of my 20s. It was my passion to learn architecture and interior design. I worked as an interior designer in Shanghai after my study in Beijing, then shifted my career as an architectural designer.

The reason why I started this blog

This blog is a new challenge for me. I was away from my country for a long time. I’ve lived in several countries, including the US, UK, and China. After living aboard for 8 years, I came back to Japan.

Japan is a very unique place not only historically but also culturally so that it attracts lots of people all over the world. I saw lots of astonishing things while I came back during my life overseas, but, unfortunately, there are not lots of information you can access in English. There are lots of great places in the world where I must visit, but in this blog, I’d love to share some of the good spots and food in Japan with you!