Bringing the stones from the shrine home

Bringing the stones from the shrine home

Have you ever wondered about wearing a stone in a shrine, where is a mysterious power spot, to get benefits from? Is it okay to bring back the rocks of shrines? Here, it explains the reasons for bringing back the stones at the sanctuary.

About the stones of shrines

Inside of shrines are full of nature, and the approaches to the main building are often gravel roads. Many people have thought that the power of God seems to reside in various things because it is within the shrine grounds. Stones with the energy of God appears to be a talisman, and above all, there is an image that it seems sturdy if it’s worn. However, is it okay to bring the stones from shrines back home without permission?

Is it okay to bring the stones in shrines back home?

It is generally explained that the stones of shrines should not be brought outside of the territory. But what are the reasons why stones in the property of shrines should not be taken home?

Being on another person’s premises

Shrines have a sharp image of being a public place, but most of the properties are privately owned. Since a building is on the site, it is not preferable for us to freely bring back stones or break tree branches. How would you feel if someone came in your own premises and brought back rocks, grass, or tree branches? Thinking this way, you can understand that taking a stone home is an act against good morals. It’s essential to have better manners, especially when visiting shrines to pray for God.

God gets angry

A shrine is like a house of God, so things in shrines are God’s possession, even if it is a stone, tree branch, leaf, etc., it will be a part of God. Therefore, it is said that those things should not be taken outside because God will get angry. Articles about noticing that information are found online, but it is a notice from a spiritual point of view. There is no scientific basis. There is no way to confirm if God is angry or not. However, when we were in the position of God, we wouldn’t like to listen to those people who bring things outside of the land. It’s within the scope of my imagination, but it might be useful to think in terms of yourself.

There are various thoughts

Please note that this is also a way of thinking from a spiritual perspective, and there is no scientific basis. Since there are various thoughts and beliefs in the shrine, there is a theory that it is not great to bring something on the spot. Shrines are visited by people with various feelings, but some beliefs are not always right. It is considered that such thoughts remain in shrines, stones, and leaves. However, this is the same as the point of God’s anger, and there is no way to know the truth. The idea is from a spiritual point of view, and it’s a good idea to keep in mind.

What if brought it back?

What to do if things are brought it back home? Even though you didn’t bring it back, it’s possible that your child had it in his pocket. If possible, go back to the shrine and return it as before. If it’s a distant shrine, explain first how it should be brought back to the shrine. The shrine may tell how to deal with it. Maybe it is said that the thing should be returned to a nearby shrine that enshrines the same God. Don’t make any decisions, and consult the shrine you picked up for a solution.

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