How to practice your mental

How to practice your mental

What do you think when you are asked about mental training? These days, yoga is a huge thing in the whole world to manage our mental balance. During yoga practice, you’ll know what you’re craving and worrying about facing your inner heart. This activity leads to spiritual training. Here are some ways to help you with that. Why not try it once in your life.

Challenge to “Zazen” at a temple

Zazen, which is the sitting and getting rid of wicked thoughts, is a representative of spiritual training at a temple, isn’t it? This training may give the impression that it seems to be strict, but what is the truth? Zazen is one of the Zen practice methods that are performed while sitting. Based on the three underlying principles of management, “body balance,” “breathing,” and “centering.” You can arrange your body, mind, and breathing. There are two ways to assemble your legs in Zazen: Kekka-Huza and Hanka-Huza. Kekka-Huza is the position of the right foot on the left thigh and the left foot on the right thigh. If it’s too difficult to keep this posture, you can sit with Hanka-Huza, in the semi-legged position with your left foot on your right leg. For those unfamiliar, it may be a bit of a painful posture. The hands are made up of the position called Houkaijyoin, place your right-hand palm up and on your left foot. On top of that, place your left hand on top of each other and stick them together so that your thumb touches them lightly to form an ellipse.

Effects of Zazen training

This training will make you free from “how you are judged by others.” Zazen is not just about sitting down but also practicing to become under the feeling of nothing. It’s essential to be like stones falling everywhere. This will allow you to see yourself objectively and realize that others’ thoughts around you disappear. It means that you can confront yourself by becoming “nothing.” It also leads to spiritual training.

Other effects

Other than that, there are many pleasant effects such as relieving annoyance and relieving constipation, preventing low back pain and dieting by training your abdominal muscles. If it is so effective, it’s worth trying it once in a lifetime. There are many temples where you can undergo the training, especially in those ancient cities like Kyoto and Kamakura.

Spiritual training from food

Buddhist Cuisine is a dish prepared using vegetables, seaweed, and grains as ingredients without meat or fish. It is eaten by monks at temples. It is often given at funerals and ceremonies. The meaning is “keeping the Buddha’s teachings seriously.” There is a teaching of killing, which is the teaching of Buddha. Reconsidering “life” in meals is Buddhist Cuisine. Not only eating but eating while thinking about life leads to spiritual training. Now you can easily search for vegetarian recipes that you can make yourself. Why don’t you try mental training through the food called vegetarian cuisine? There are various delicious foods without meat.

Training at a waterfall

This is a practice method that has been practiced since ancient times. Isn’t it an exaggeration to say that spiritual training is the waterfall training? This training may have the most robust image of training. Still, recently many people also experience a waterfall, and it seems to have many advantages.

Effect of a waterfall training

Being hit by a harshly cold waterfall helps you confront yourself, get rid of your worries, and improve your mental strength. You can also expect natural healing power and beauty effects in your body. Although, there is a risk of getting hurt or if you may be exposed to the cold water for a long time, resulting in hypothermia.

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