Why it’s great to visit shrines

Why it’s great to visit shrines

Recently, lots of Japanese people go to sacred places known as power spots in Japan. There are tours for these places like shrines and temples, and it’s been attracting many people in Japan. They believe that it is good to visit these spots where many gods are enshrined, but it is not the case if a visitor trips many places slipshodly. So it is better to understand the gods enshrined in each shrine before visiting. Here, it introduces the charm of visiting shrines, an example of a power spot.

The charm of visiting shrines

Exercise and physical support
Lots of shrines might be covered by nature or built on mountains or hills, so a visitor must walk long distances or climb stairs in the extensive grounds to worship. By going around shrines, it becomes a good exercise, so it is useful in maintaining physical fitness. However, please do so with the strength that suits your physical condition.

Refreshing effect

Trees surround many shrines, and most of them are in a natural environment. A visitor can refresh his/her mind by going to a place surrounded by nature and breathing in the fresh air. In particular, Japan has four seasons, so even if you visit the same shrine, you can enjoy different flowers and scenery depending on the season. There are new findings for every visit.


Before visiting a shrine, it’s recommended that you check the history of the shrine and information on the blessed gods in advance by using a guidebook or the Internet. By gaining basic knowledge, you will be able to deepen your understanding of the history and culture of the area, and you will be aware of various things when you visit there. Of course, you can get multiple information on-site without doing a preliminary inspection, so you can expand your knowledge by merely going to a shrine.

Religious meaning

Since shrines are religious facilities that enshrine the god of Shinto, visiting these places also has spiritual implications. Each shrine has its benefits such as disease-free and prosperous business, and you can also expect to increase your luck. It is considered that visiting a shrine makes sense to express your gratitude to gods as well.

How to visit shrines

Try a nearby shrine

The easiest way to do is to visit a shrine close to where you stay. If you search on the map online, you can access information about the surrounding shrines so that you can worship based on it. Books about shrine tours are also available, so if you can understand Japanese, it is recommended to pick it up. Some shrines also have places where you can take great photos, so it’s a good idea to take photos as your memory.

Make a pilgrimage to some courses

The most famous pilgrimage trip in Japan is to visit 88 temples in Shikoku. Still, there are also pilgrimage courses for shrines. It is a route to worship shrines that enshrines the seven lucky god worshiped as the gods of the seven deities of good fortune. Some major tours are organized, so you can feel free to join them.

It is highly recommended to visit a shrine because it will make your body and mind healthier. Also, since you can collect stamps called Shuin when visiting it, you can enjoy this activity like a stamp rally. It will be a meaningful hobby for those who are interested in Japanese culture, history, and nature.

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